Participants of the 16th class

Aleksandar Arandjelovic
Aleksandar Arandjelovic.jpg

Aleksandar Arandjelovic is currently pursuing a MSc. degree in Financial and Actuarial Mathematics at Vienna University of Technology. Beforehand, he received the corresponding BSc. degree with distinction at the same university, where his thesis focused on modeling and pricing of financial derivatives. During his studies, he gained insights into the application of mathematical, financial and econometric theory to financial markets. Apart from working in the banking industry, he consider the PMP program as a natural next step in his efforts to apply his knowledge and reasoning skills in order to understand the structural laws which govern financial systems worldwide.

Anna Csiky

Anna Csiky is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Quantitative Finance at the Vienna University of Economics and Business. She graduated from the University of Pécs, Faculty of Business and Economics and from the Middlesex University London with Bachelor’s degrees in Business Administration and Management. As a result of working in finance, she decided to broaden her horizon in this field. Anna considers the Portfolio Management Program as a great opportunity to not only enhance her knowledge, but also to gain applicable experience.

Tolgahan Memisoglu
Tolgahan Memisoglu.jpg

In 2017, Tolgahan Memisoglu successfully graduated with his Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration at the University of Münster in Germany. During his studies, he specialized in the field of finance and wrote his thesis about the influence of sovereign exposures on bank risk. In order to enhance his academic knowledge and to gain further international experience, Tolgahan completed a semester abroad and studied at the École Supérieure de Commerce de Montpellier in France. Currently, he is pursuing a Master’s degree in Banking and Finance at the University of Vienna. Tolgahan regards the Portfolio Management Program as a unique opportunity to examine the theoretical side of asset management by applying it under real-world conditions and to further understand the interrelation of global politics and macroeconomics with the financial markets.

Ilia Ozornov
Ilia Ozornov.jpg

Ilia Ozornov is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Quantitative Finance at Vienna University of Economics and Business. Previously, he has completed the Bachelor's program in Business Administration with specializations in Finance and Business Mathematics and gained practical knowledge in an internship in Loan Administration and Monitoring Department of the biggest bank in CEE. He feels that university education lacks practical component and thus considers PMP as a great way to apply theory to practice and learn from experienced professionals in the finance industry.

Manuel Peters
Manuel Peters.jpg

Manuel Peters is currently enrolled in the master’s degree in Quantitative Finance at Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU). He graduated from WU with a bachelor’s degree in International Business Administration, focussing on Finance and Business Mathematics. He gained professional experience in Assurance and Asset Management and spent a semester abroad in Madrid, where he specialized in Econometrics and Asset Valuation. The PMP presents a great opportunity to use theoretical knowledge in Finance in an experienced professional environment.

Aleksa Petrovic
Aleksa Petrovic.jpg

Aleksa Petrovic is currently enrolled in Master’s Degree in Quantitative Finance at WU Wien (Vienna University of Business and Economics). Previously, he graduated as Top 1% Student with 200 ECTS from WU Wien with Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and Social Sciences – his major was Business Administration and he specialized in Finance, International Accounting & Controlling and International Business. Aleksa realized early on that Financial Markets and Portfolio Investment is his passion, which is why his studies and internships have been focused on these areas. He successfully completed internships in Controlling at Banca Intesa and Rustler Groupe, as well as in Investment Management/Financial Analysis at Round2 Capital Partners. During these internships, he has gained significant insight in company/market happenings and sharpened his analytical skills in company assessment/evaluation. Additionally, he wrote his Bachelor Thesis about the 2008 Financial Crisis and its effects on financing Mergers and Acquisitions(M&A). Aleksa considers that taking part in PMP will enable him to further build on the knowledge basis he already possesses as well as prepare him for a Portfolio Manager career.

Tetyana Polovenko

Tetyana Polovenko is currently purcuing the Master’s degree in Quantitative Finance at Vienna University of Business and Economics. Beforehand, she finished Bachelor’s program in Financial and Actuarial Mathematics at Vienna University of Technology. During internships at Amundi Asset Management, UniCredit Bank and ifb group she obtained valuable skills in risk management and asset allocation. Since 2017, she has been working as a junior actuary at Versicherungsmathematisches Büro. She has also been the leader of the asset management team of the student trading and investment society (WUTIS), where she analyzed quantitative portfolio strategies. Tetyana considers PMP to be the next great step on her way to becoming a professional portfolio manager. She is looking forward to challenge herself and gain relevant skills from experts.

Felix Stubenvoll-Pretschuh
Felix Pretschuh.jpg

Felix Stubenvoll-Pretschuh is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Financial and Actuarial Mathematics at the Technical University of Vienna. Beforehand, he already obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration at the University of Graz with specialization in finance and financial markets, which he finished writing his thesis on the comparison of different Hedge Fund strategies’ performance. He had the opportunity to spend one semester of his studies in Reading, UK, during which he not only gathered valuable international experience but also gained knowledge about the interconnectedness of financial markets and international economics. Reflecting his ever-growing interest in the purely mathematical side of finance and investing, he then decided to continue his studies in Financial Mathematics. Felix is convinced that an excellent theoretical education needs the practical application, that is why he has been working part-time throughout his studies and did an internship at a private equity fund in Switzerland, during which he contributed to the closing of two new deals. For Felix, the PMP constitutes a unique opportunity to link theoretical concepts perceived in his studies with real-world applications in asset management and to learn from and actively contribute to a thriving environment.

Matthias Reiner

Matthias Reiner is currently enrolled for the Master's program Quantitative Finance at the Vienna University of Economics and Business after having completed two bachelor degrees in Business Administration and Technical Physics. Lectures about financial markets and investment analysis during his exchange semester at the National University of Singapore have spurred his interest in Finance, leading to an engagement at the portfolio management program where he hopes to deepen his knowledge and meet like-minded people. Besides networking in student societies (e.g. WUTIS) and gaining practical experience at Deloitte or zeb he likes to play the piano and supports a Viennese football club called "Magic Unicorns".

Alexander Sochor
Alexander Sochor.jpg

Alexander Sochor is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Finance and Accounting at the Vienna University of Economics and Business. Prior to that, he finished his Bachelor’s program in Business Administration also at the WU Vienna with specializations in Finance and SMEs. During his studies Alexander gained practical experience and deeper insights into the banking sector. Based on his fascination for portfolio management and the dynamic behind financial markets, Alexander feels confident that the PMP will provide him with an excellent opportunity to gain additional practical experience and skills to work in the financial profession once he finishes his studies.

Alina Steshkova
Alina Steshkova.jpg

Alina Steshkova is a Ph.D. student at Vienna University of Economics and Business. After graduating the WU Master Program Quantitative Finance, Alina decided to put into practice her acquired theoretical knowledge and attend the PMP. Along with her academic research focused on currency markets, she is interested in implementing macro trading strategies. She is convinced that her work experience in risk management in top Austrian banks will help to construct a risk-adjusted portfolio. She believes that the participation at the PMP gives her an opportunity to gather practical experience in portfolio management and improve her analytical skills.

Christopher T. Stockermans Muñoz
Christopher T. Stockermans.jpg

Christopher T. Stockermans Muñoz is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Quantitative Finance at Vienna University of Economics and Business. Beforehand, he finished a Liberal Arts and Sciences Bachelor in Politics, Philosophy and Economics in the University of Groningen where he published an discussion paper on stock price formation through the lens of complexity finance. An avid traveler he did a six month exchange in Peru where he gained first hand experience in commodity based economies. With a wide variety of interests, he loves the complex, unpredictable, technical and social aspect of financial markets. The next two years with PMP will provide him with the intuition necessary to tackle financial markets and instruments in a professional manner.

Livia Thury

Livia Thury just finished her Bachelor degree in International Business Administration at the Vienna University of Economics and Business with specializations in Finance and Financial Controlling. She continues her studies with the master program “Quantitative Finance” in October 2018. Her exchange semester in the US contributed considerably to her language skills and personal experience. Livia worked as an intern at KMPG as part of the bank audit division and is currently employed at a Controlling Consulting firm. For her, the portfolio management program means to expand her knowledge in the field of asset management and to work in a team of experienced and motivated people.

Michael David Wuggenig
Michael David Wuggenig.jpg

Michael David Wuggenig is currently pursuing his Bachelor’s degree in Economics at the University of Vienna with specialization in finance. He already obtained a Bachelor's degree in Political Science and recently spent a semester abroad at Nova School of Economics and Business in Lisbon. Michael’s interest in politics and macroeconomics awoke his curiosity for the interconnection of international financial markets. He chose to join the Portfolio Management Program as it offers a great opportunity to gain practical knowledge and get in touch with professional asset management. Michael intents to gain deep financial knowledge, apply theory to practice and broaden his quantitative skills.