Participants of the 14th class


Levente Bardóczy

Levente Bardóczy graduated from the Corvinus University of Budapest in 2016 with a Bachelor’s degree in Finance and Accounting. He also completed the Special Financial Mathematics Program and was a member of the Heller Farkas College for Advanced Financial Studies. Currently he is a student at the Quantitative Finance Master Program at the Vienna University of Economics and Business. During his bachelor program he completed the 20 weeks Bologna Finance Internship at Morgan Stanley in Budapest. Levente sees the Portfolio Management Program as a unique opportunity to gain first-hand experience in financial markets and investment strategies, and to enhance both his financial and quantitative skills.

Franz Stephan Binder

Franz graduated from Vienna University of Economics and Business with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. During his studies he spent a semester at the University of Florida where he gained deeper knowledge in investing and asset management. He complete internships in various fields of banking and management consulting. In September 2016 he enrolled for the Master’s Program Finance and Accounting at Vienna University of Economics and Business. Franz sees the Portfolio Management Program as an opportunity to close the gap between academics and the asset management industry.

 Joe Gil Bong



Bong Joe Gil received Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with specialization in Management and Consulting in 2016. After receiving the Bachelors degree, he countinued his study and is currently enrolled in the Master Programm in Business Administration at the University of Vienna, as major financial accounting and as minor business law and finance. He is fascinated about the complex aspects of financial world where participants engage with each own´s expectation and interpretation about the current and future outlook of market. Furthermore, it is not only about technical methods to examinate the histroy and attempt to predict the future development based on economic data, but it is also essential how to incorporate numbers of other important factors like politics, environmental issues and cultural differences. Since the main focus of his financial academic programms were laid in theoretical aspects, the Portfolio Management Programm provides the oft desired link between the theory and real facet of the highly complex world of finance.

Elena Kholodova


Elena Kholodova is a student of the Quantitative Finance Master program at the Vienna University of Business and Economics. She achieved Bachelor Degree at the Finance University under the Government of the Russian Federation in Moscow in 2015 with specialization in Financial Markets and continued with a Master Program at the same University, she is currently working on her master thesis there. Elena believes that the Portfolio Management Program gives an opportunity to gain better understanding of the Financial Markets and get practical experience in asset management field.

 Natalija Kostic


Natalija Kostic has graduated from the Bachelor of Business, Economics and Social Sciences at Vienna University of Business and Economics (WU) with majors in Finance and Business Mathematics. Furthermore, she has done electives in Research Methodologies and Programming. In 2016 Natalija has enrolled the Master Program Quantitative Finance at WU and started working at the Raiffeisen Bank International. She believes that PMP will provide her with an optimized combination of theoretical background and much needed practical experience in financial markets and macroeconomics, as well as the unique opportunity to work with financial data providers.

 Melanie Nachreiner


Since the autumn of 2013 Melanie Nachreiner is studying Statistic at the University of Vienna. After she visited some lectures in finance, she get a theoretical overview of the fascinating world of finance. The PMP gives her the unique opportunity, work together with high motived students, learn form experts and put the theoretically knowledge into practice.

 Richard Neumann


Richard Neumann is currently studying International Business Administration at the Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU), majoring in Finance and Mathematical Economics. He early on realized his passion for the financial services industry and has continued to seek out opportunities of increasing his knowledge. During a three-month internship in an investment bank he was able to gain valuable professional experience in the financial services industry. In Richard’s opinion, the Portfolio Management Program is a unique opportunity to apply theoretical knowledge, acquire technical skills, and work with a team of highly motivated students under the guidance of distinguished experts.

 Olga Pidzamkiv



Olga graduated from City University New York Baruch College with Bachelor’s degree in Finance and Economics. Currently she's a student at the Quantitative Finance Master Program at the Vienna University of Economics and Business. During her Bachelor studies, Olga spent one semester abroad in Vienna at the WU. Upon her graduation, she decided to come back and earn her masters at the WU to add more international background to her experience, as she sees Vienna a perfect place to combine learning and social aspects. Olga believes that PMP program is a unique opportunity to broaden theoretical knowledge, acquire technical skills, and gain practical experience in the area of financial markets.

 Shan Qiau Te


Qiau Te Shan is studying his master’s degree in Strategy, Innovation and Management Control at the Vienna University of Economics and Business. Prior to that, he obtained his BSc. in Business Administration with the specializations Finance and International Marketing Management. During his studies he has gained valuable abroad experiences at the Tsinghua University in Beijing and East China Normal University in Shanghai. His particular strong interest in the Finance industry was mainly driven by his work experiences at Raiffeisen Bank International, Erste Group and Bloomberg. Qiau Te believes that the Portfolio Management program is a great opportunity to further enhance one’s financial and capital market knowledge, while also being able to apply the knowledge in practice.

 Lukas Rier


Lukas Rier holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from the University of Vienna. During his Bachelor's he went for one semester abroad to Ca' Foscari University in Venice where he came in touch with Finance and discovered his passion for capital markets. In March 2016 Lukas started his Master’s in Business Administration with specialization in Financial Intermediations and Financial Markets at the University of Vienna. He sees the PMP as the perfect program to apply the theoretical knowledge of the financial markets, as well as to work with students from other universities with different qualifications. In the following two years he expects to deepen his understanding and knowledge of the financial markets.

 Maximilian Christian Schleritzko



Maximilian Christian Schleritzko is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Quantitative Finance at Vienna University of Business and Economics. Previously he has gratuated with distinction from the bachelor programme in Business, Economics and Social Sciences at Vienna University of Business and Economics with specializations in Business Mathematics and Finance as well as electives in Econometrics and Mathematical Methods. He gathered valuable practical insides during internships in the asset management division of a major Austrian insurance and the market risk divsion of a major Austrian bank. In Maximilian’s opinion the PMP offers an unique opportunity to learn from practioners as well as academics, put the theoretical knowledge acquired at university into practice.

 Carlos Turner


Since March 2016, Carlos Turner is pursuing a consecutive Master's degree in Business Administration with a double-finance specialisation in Financial Markets and Financial Intermediation at the Department of Economic Sciences of the University of Vienna after acquiring his Bachelor's degree in early 2016. Over the course of his studies, Carlos discovered his particular fascination for macroeconomics together with his ability for quantitative analysis. As he is gaining valuable experience while working for a private investment fund and attending the Portfolio Management Program simultaneously, he can associate various models, approaches, ideas and techniques with each other to improve his skills when it comes to Portfolio Management. Therefore, he senses the PMP as a very unique opportunity to connect theoretical concepts with hands-on practice.

 Tom Oskar Karl Zeissler


Tom Zeissler finished his degree as Bachelor of Science in Economics and Business Administration at Johann Wolfgang Goethe-University Frankfurt in September 2015, with a major focus on Finance and Accounting. During and after his Bachelor’s degree he took the possibility to obtain valuable practice experience and to sharpen his critical thinking skills while working for several companies like ING-DiBa, Deutsche Bank and Sopra Steria Consulting. In that way he gained practice in various fields like real estate finance, sales controlling and reporting as well as credit and liquidity risk management. In September 2016 he eventually enrolled at Vienna University of Economics and Business for the Master’s program Finance and Accounting to enhance his understanding of individual financial decisions, the behavior of financial markets and also the interdependency between both. In his leisure time, when he is not heavily trying to become sportier, he spends his hours with reading books, watching movies, going out with friends and, for sure, enjoying to have this great opportunity as part of the Portfolio Management Program.