Who can apply for the PMP?
Every student from the WU, Universität Wien and TU can send their application for the Portfolio Management Program. Master, PhD as well as Bachelor students can apply for the program. We only recommend that applicants still have two years ahead in their studies, so they can profit from the whole program.
When is the application deadline?

The acceptance is once a year in fall just before the official university winter semester starts, but students can apply throughout the entire year. The deadline date can be found on our website.
Which documents are required for the application?
The documents relevant for a formal application are a CV, a motivational letter and transcripts. The motivation letter should include your interests in finance, why you are interested in the program and what you expect from the PMP. Any further documents that substantiate your interest in the program can improve your chances of admission.
How is the interview process structured?
In the first round, students will submit the required documents and a committee will screen them shortly after the deadline. Subsequently, pre-selected students will be invited to the second round, which will be a formal face-to-face meeting (physically or online). Finally, selected students receive an offer via mail to join the program.
Can I go abroad during the PMP?
Students will be allowed to stay in the program during one exchange semester; however, they will have to continue to contribute to their group according to their mandate and have a regular attendance during the remaining three semesters.
What is the profile of a typical PMP-candidate?

Since the PMP lasts for two years, a master student with an equally long studying horizon and a keen interest in financial markets and asset management suits as an ideal candidate. Occasionally, exceptional bachelor students will be granted access to the program too.
Can I apply with a completely unrelated (i.e. non-finance) background?
Students from all disciplines with an interest in financial markets are welcome to the program. Diversity is an important character to the program and therefore we even encourage students with other backgrounds and hunger to learn more about financial markets and asset management to apply.
Is there any course accreditation for the program?
The PMP can be accredited at certain universities with 4 ECTS per year (in total 8 ETCS).
How many students are admitted each year?
Each year 18 students join the program.
There are 3 different groups in the PMP, how does the allocation take place?
After the admission, students are asked for their group preferences and are then usually allocated according to their first or second choice.
How competitive is the admission process?
On average, around 20% of first round applications have been accepted.
How much time will I need to spend for the PMP?
Besides the weekly 1,5 hour meeting (during the semester) the program is based on self-motivation. You will have 24/7 access to the terminals and the PMP rooms so you can dig in as much as you want. Some groups then have weekly meetings with their tutors to discuss markets and strategies. On average, a student spends 10-15 hours a week for the PMP, but this includes reading newspapers and talking with other people about the markets.
What is the structure of the program?
The PMP is split into two years. In the first year you are an analyst and in the second year you will become a manager. Managers and analysts always work together in a team, so they can learn from each other. As an analyst you focus on developing models exploring the markets and getting to know the portfolio and the used strategies. As a manager you are in charge of the portfolio and have to make decisions and trade the positions.
Is it a real money portfolio?
Yes! Each team has a real money portfolio with over 1.200.000€ of AuM. This money is dedicated to the Portfolio Management Program and is passed on from year to year.