Participants of the 17th class

Balazs Antal
Foto_Balazs Antal.jpg

Balazs Antal is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Quantitative Finance at Vienna University of Business and Economics. Previously he graduated from the Corvinus University of Budapest, where he participated in the Economic and Financial Mathematical Analysis BSc program. During the last year of the program due to his thesis topic, he got engaged in the field of empirical finance and asset pricing. Before coming to Vienna he gained valuable practical experience spending 6 months at Morgan Stanley as a member of the Quantitative Analyst team. During the 2 years of the Portfolio Management Program, as a member of the Quant group, he aims to deepen his analytical knowledge as well as to improve his team-working and presenting skills.

Benjamin Albrechts
Foto_Benjamin Albrechts.jpg

Benjamin Albrechts is currently enrolled in the Master Banking & Finance at the University of Vienna where he focuses on Corporate Finance, supplemented by a combination of banking-oriented electives. Before he took a two-semester academic break to work internships in M&A at KPMG as well as in Business Analysis at Accenture to gain practical experience. Further experience includes the presidency of the Business Consulting Society at the University of Vienna between 2018 and 2019 as well as an ongoing position as Teaching Assistant in Game- and Decision Theory at the Department of Finance, University of Vienna. He considers the PMP to be a great chance for students to experience real-world requirements first hand already before starting a career in Portfolio Management and a welcoming opportunity for upcoming researchers to empirically challenge the methods obtained in academic education. Especially the combination of supervision by academics and practitioners alike combined with the responsibility for one's own actions presents a wonderful way to quickly climb a typically rather steep learning curve.

Carl Lakos
Foto_Carl Lakos.jpg

Carl Lakos is currently enrolled in Banking and Finance master’s program at the University of Vienna with a focus on financial markets. He previously gained first-hand practical experience with an apprenticeship as an investment fund management assistant at Universal-Investment, where he continued working in risk analysis. His academic career started with a bachelor’s studies in Business Mathematics at the University of Mannheim, where he specialized in mathematical game theory and successfully graduated in 2018. During and after his studies, Carl gathered deeper insights as a working student and with internships at the European Parliament, the German Investment Fund Association as well as the Asset & Wealth Management consulting division of PwC Germany. For him, the Portfolio Management Program offers a unique opportunity to apply academic concepts to real-world environments and acquire practical experience from professionals, by simultaneously extending his knowledge about the asset management industry.

Daniel Wimmer
Foto_Daniel Wimmer.jpg

Daniel Wimmer is currently pursuing an M.Sc. degree in Financial and Actuarial Mathematics at Vienna University of Technology (TU Wien) after he finished the corresponding B.Sc. degree with an average grade of 1.00 in minimum time. In the course of his regular study, where he was trained to understand complex interrelationships. He not only learned a lot about modeling, econometrics and pricing derivatives and other financial contracts but also attended additional electives in politics, economics, and finance at Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU Wien) and University of Vienna (Uni Wien) to gain insights to the topic financial markets from different angles. Now he wants to use his theoretical background to receive practical experience with PMP.

Elizabeth Rinde
Foto_Elizabeth Rinde.jpg

Elizabeth Rinde is currently pursuing a master’s degree in quantitative finance at the Vienna University of Economics and Business. Previously, she completed her two bachelor’s degrees in finance and German studies at the University of Minnesota in the USA. During her bachelor’s studies, she gained valuable experience working for her university’s financial service team. Before moving to Austria, she worked in risk compliance at U.S. Bank where she developed her understanding of analyzing different business types. Elizabeth looks forward to utilizing the theory she has learned in a real-world context. She sees the PMP as a great opportunity to prepare herself for her professional career.

Florian Gritzky
Foto_Florian Gritzky.jpg

Florian Gritzky holds a Bachelor of Science from the Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU Wien). During his studies, he spent a semester abroad at the University of South Australia (UniSA) in Adelaide, where he improved his understanding of different cultures. At the moment Florian is pursuing a Master’s degree in Finance & Accounting at WU Wien. Prior to joining PMP, Florian regularly discussed the financial markets together with other like-minded people in the student trading and investment society WUTIS. Florian completed internships at KPMG and Raiffeisen Bank International (RBI), where he gained valuable skills in risk management and institutional clients banking. Besides studying and participating in PMP, Florian works as a trainee in the Investment Banking and Capital Markets division at RBI. His goal is to become a professional asset manager, therefore PMP is a great opportunity to obtain and deepen the relevant skills for this field.

Janos Chaim Raban Füting
Foto_Janos Fueting.JPG

Janos Chaim Raban Füting is a Master´s student in the Quantitative Finance program at the Vienna University of Economics and Business. He has a B.Sc. in Economics from the University of Heidelberg, where in his bachelor thesis he investigated the predictive power of the Treasury yield curve for US recessions. He has successfully completed internships in credit risk analysis for the aviation and rail transport sector, and in placement agent services in the illiquid alternatives space. He is looking to further his knowledge of financial markets and macroeconomics, by combining insights from practitioners and academia and apply this knowledge directly to investment management.

Maksym Percheklii
Foto_Maksym Percheklii .jpg

Maksym Percheklii is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Quantitative Finance at Vienna University of Business and Economics. Beforehand, he finished Bachelor's program in Mathematics at the Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv. During an internship at TA Ventures and self/employed experience, he obtained valuable soft skills. Bachelor's program provided him with valuable analytical computing skills. For Maksym, PMP is a perfect opportunity to link his theoretical knowledge with real-world experience.

Marcelo Pira Beckerling
Foto_Marcelo Pira Berckerling.png

Marcelo Pira Beckerling is currently pursuing an MSc. degree in Quantitative Finance at the Vienna University of Economics and Business. Beforehand, he completed his BSc. in Economics and Finance at the University of Amsterdam and graduated with an honorary recommendation letter from the Dean. Prior, he also gained practical experience by successfully completing a 9-month internship in the Investor Relations team at the BMW Group HQ in Munich and a 6-month internship at the State Street Bank in the Goldman Sachs Funds department in Luxembourg. Outside of his academic career, he is an awarded elite athlete in endurance horse racing. He has successfully competed for the German and Guatemalan Olympic teams in the European and World championships. For Marcelo, the Portfolio Management Program constitutes the perfect opportunity to apply theoretical concepts learned in class to the real market.

Nora Bacsfalvi
Foto_Nora Bacsfalvi.jpg

Nora Bacsfalvi is currently pursuing her Master’s degree in Quantitative Finance at the Vienna University of Economics and Business. She graduated from the Business and Management program, at the Corvinus University of Budapest. During her studies, she spent a semester in Germany, at the EBS University that turned out to be the most significant period of her life. The professors and her university mates had a great impact on her world view and made her even more interested in international economics, politics and their financial impacts. She believes that the Portfolio Management Program is a very unique opportunity for her to gain a deep insight into the financial markets and how small events influence trades. She would like to make the best of this time to improve her knowledge in this area, and develop her analytical skills, as well as to gain real-world experiences which may also support her on-going master studies. She is looking forward to working with and learn from the other analysts, managers, mentors, and experts at PMP.

Oskar Köller
Foto_Oskar Koeller.jpg

Oskar Köller is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Business and Economics at Vienna University of Economics and Business with specializations in Economics, Strategy and Managerial Accounting and Finance. Oskar worked as an intern in the leveraged finance department of Raiffeisen Bank International in the previous years. His interest to work in the financial services industry was first aroused when he wrote his "high school graduation thesis" about certain forms of financial market analysis, where he attempted to apply trading strategies to the Austrian stock exchange. During his studies, he further fostered his knowledge about monetary policies and currency dynamics, interest rate dynamics, general market dynamics and inefficiencies and especially gained insights into developing countries, emerging markets and contemporary challenges of the economy. He, therefore, considers the Portfolio Management Program as the perfect possibility to constantly apply and refine the knowledge he already has and will acquire in his future academic career.

Taran Laß-Adelmann
Foto_Taran Lassadelmann.jpeg

Taran Laß-Adelmann is currently pursuing an MSc. degree in Banking and Finance at the University of Vienna. Beforehand, he received a BSc. degree in Economics and Business Studies at the Technical University Chemnitz, Germany where he strongly focused on finance-related subjects. In order to enhance his academic knowledge and to benefit from international collaboration, Taran completed a semester at NTNU Trondheim and the University of Ljubljana respectively. After getting to know different firms and industry sectors, Taran regards the Portfolio Management Program as a unique opportunity to experience real-world asset management under academic supervision and thus combine both perspectives to improve on understanding financial markets and the interrelation with global politics and macroeconomic events.

Theresa Traxler
Foto_Theresa Traxler.jpg

Theresa Traxler is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Quantitative Finance at the Vienna University of Economics and Business. Previously, she graduated with honors from the Vienna University of Technology with a Bachelor's degree in Technical Physics. Theresa has a strong performance mindset and passion for approaching new challenges. Having gained valuable work experience and communication skills in two internships at OMV, she now wants to focus on finance. Theresa considers the Portfolio Management Program as a unique opportunity to apply her theoretical knowledge and analytical skills under real-world conditions in a professional environment. She is looking forward to broadening her knowledge and gain firsthand experience in portfolio management.

Verena Mayr
Foto_Verena Mayr.png

In 2019, Verena Mayr obtained her Bachelor's degree in Tourism Management from Munich University of Applied Sciences. During her studies, she specialized in the field of Tourism Financial Management and gained further international experience during an exchange semester at the Durban University of Technology in South Africa. Currently, Verena is pursuing an MSc. degree in International Business Administration at Vienna University, focusing on banking and finance as well as on European studies. A previous position as a working student in FTI's Controlling department as well as several internships in Germany and France showed her the importance of gaining practical experience. Verena joined the PMP program in order to apply the theoretical knowledge gained in the banking and finance track and thereby deepen the knowledge obtained in her minor.

Wojciech Kulma
Foto_Wojciech Kulma.jpg

Wojciech Kulma is currently pursuing a master’s degree in Statistics at the University of Vienna and works as a quant at the front desk of Raiffeisen Bank. He is an alumn of Computer Science with a minor in Economy from the University of Vienna. Previously he has been working at CERN as a software engineer and serving as a member of the CERN Finance Club. For his bachelor thesis he has written a high performance, parallel random forest python library, for the purpose of short-term weather prediction, currently in use by the Austrian Institute of Meteorology. He is truly passionate about complex systems and hopes to apply his analytical skills to the domain of financial portfolio management.