PMP Mentors

The exceptional and highly trained Mentors and Tutors allow for a prominent and outstanding Portfolio Management Program. The PMP gives participants the opportunity to gather experience from our mentors, who are financial luminaries in their fields, as well as our tutors, who deliver hands-on insights for research, management and much more. The person that brings all of this together is Mr. Pühringer, whose funding makes the Portfolio Management Program possible.


DI Peter Pühringer 

is the founder of the POK Pühringer Privatstiftung and initiator of the PMP. He also founded the Research Institute for Capital Markets in cooperation with WU (Vienna University of Economics and Business) to make a contribution to modern portfolio theory and combine it with practical implementation. Since the beginning of the PMP program he is mentor of the ZZ group, which achieved outstanding success using the strategic concepts of ZZ.


O.Univ.-Prof Dr. Josef Zechner

is Professor for Finance and Investments at WU (Vienna University of Econommics and Business). He was mentor of the Quant group in the early years of the PMP and now assists all students with the implementation of innovative asset management ideas.


Univ.Prof. Dr. Otto Randl 

is Professor at the Department of Finance, Accounting, and Statistics at WU (Vienna University of Economics and Business) and Affiliated Faculty at VGSF (Vienna Graduate School of Finance). His focus in research and teaching is portfolio management, endowments, and asset pricing.


O.Univ.-Prof. Dr. Engelbert Dockner (1958 - 2017) 

was a Professor for Finance and Corporate Strategy at WU (Vienna University of Economics and Business) and together with Professor Zechner and Mr. D.I. Pühringer he was one of the founders of the PMP. Besides his teaching and presenting activity he was an internationally renowned consultant for the financial industry regarding topics such as risk management, portfolio management, banking regulation and many more. He was serving as a tutor and mentor to all three teams of the PMP.

PMP Tutors

Richard Boulanger

is Multi-Asset Manager at the ZZ Vermögens-verwaltung GmbH and is working in multi asset strategies since he finished the PMP in its 10th year. Due to his longtime hands-on experience he is a tutor for the ZZ group and helps to implement the ZZ investment philosophy.

Georg Cejnek

works at ZZ Vermögens-verwaltung GmbH as Head of Research and completed the PMP in its 6th year. He manages the EMP Global Macro Fund, which is the cornerstone of a future university endowment at WU Vienna. He is the tutor of the Academic Macro Finance group.

Stephan Kranner

works at the Research Institute for Capital Markets and successfully finished the PMP in its 8th year. He is currently doing his PhD with focus on long-term asset management strategies. He shares his knowledge in fund management with the Quant group and supports the daily investment process.


Katrin Ramsebner

works as a risk manager for the ZZ Vermögensverwaltung. She is responsible for the organisation and scheduling of the PMP. Furthermore, she provides support for all controlling and risk management issues for the three teams.

Stefan Vincenz

is responsible for researching and developing cross-asset quantitative trading strategies at ZZ Vermögensverwaltung GmbH. He formerly worked in the securities division at Goldman Sachs and gathered experience in investment banking and at an Austrian CTA. He is the tutor of the Academic Macro Finance group.

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